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Image by Robin Schreiner
Emotional Clearing

All of us have trapped emotions. These trapped emotions can lead to physical and emotional issues if not released. With the release of these emotions, it can bring peace and less pain within the body. The releasing of these emotions is done through the techniques learned through completing the certification of the Emotion Code by Discover Healing.

All sessions can be conducted in person or via proxy.

After the session, an email is sent on all that was cleared during the session and a half hour follow up phone conversation is scheduled to go over the results of the clearing.

Image by Robin Schreiner
Image by Robin Schreiner
Green Laser Clearing

The Green Laser Clearing is a profound and deep clearing of negative memories, emotions and experiences. We walk through and clear out the negative energies from:

1) Ages starting at conception
2) The physical soul which includes meridian interruptions,  

     traumatic events and ongoing assaults
3) The spiritual soul which includes your soul journey, invasive

     entities, entity attachments, karma and soul theft
4) The emotional soul which includes clearing the negative

     bringing into balance the positive emotions
5) The psychological meanings of messages from the body,

     problematic patterns, allergies and aversions, and addictions

     and cravings
6) Emotional blocks
7) Work with the Inner child to heal
8) Working with past life trauma and emotional clearing
9) Life blocks- clearing of energies that are holding you back from

    moving forward

Crystals are often used during the clearing to enhance the  intention and clearing of the negative energies.

All sessions can be done in person or via proxy.

After the session, an email is sent with the results of the clearing. A half hour follow-up phone conversation is scheduled to go over the clearing and allow questions to be asked.

Image by Robin Schreiner
Home & Land Clearings with Harmonization

Houses hold energy and have a vibration just like living beings. If there are good or bad spirits in the home, it can create physical and emotional health issues in the humans or animals living within the house. Spirits do not always make their presence known, but some people and animals are sensitive to their presence. For a clearing to take place, a window or door need to be open. Thus, the client will need to be home during the clearing. Once the spirits are cleared from the space, there is a residue left behind. It is through harmonization that this residue can be cleared and the house and living beings can once again feel peace.

Image by Robin Schreiner
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Energetic Skeletal Adjustments

A gentle approach to spinal adjustments.

Energetically adjust the jaw, brain stem. atlas, neck, spine, hips, knees and ankles. Message out twisted muscles.

Image by Robin Schreiner
tuning forks.jpg
Tuning Fork Session

Harmonize your body through the healing vibrations of the Solfeggio frequencies.  Crystals are often used during the sessions to amplify the healing vibrations.

Sessions can be done in the physical or energetically.

Image by Robin Schreiner
NuVision Session

Nu|Vision can be used to analyze the hologram of the body.  With this analysis we are able to see what information is affecting your body.   Nu|Vision is a “matching” tool using Scalin technology.  Nu|Vision can “match” or find coherence with the most relative remedies, solutions, ideas, statements, affirmations, etc.  Imagine muscle testing 50,000 items on one person in 1 minute!  That’s the power behind Scalin technology.

After discovering that computers where capable to do similar experiments without a human operator present, we created a service infrastructure which uses the distributed nature of the internet to empower our clients.  It is now possible to schedule fully-automated “reconnect sessions” after analyzing which information may benefit an entity under study.

The non-local holographic principle is an immense force of change in the world. Just as a hologram contains the original image in all of its many parts, any change made to just one of those segments becomes reflected everywhere throughout the pattern. A single change in one place can make a difference everywhere. The subtle power of the hologram is that it offers us the leverage to make a tremendous change on a large scale by altering a pattern in only one place.

This principle is how the Reconnect function of Constitution Scan can balance living organisms by projecting beneficial information onto them.

Image by Robin Schreiner
Assorted Crystals
Chinese Stone Medicine & Crystal Therapy

Addressing the root cause of the illness or pain is the principle used in this modality. It is through the use of crystals and Chinese medicine philosophy that allows our body to heal from within. Utilizing crystals and working on specific meridian points in combination with emotional and soul clearings, allows for great shifts in Qi (energy) to be achieved at the soul level.  Along with the body and grid work used in this modality, stone elixirs can be formulated specifically to the conditions to help support the clearing process.

Image by Robin Schreiner
horse communication.jpg
Animal Communication & Healing

Our animal companions deserve natural and holistic healing as much as we do. All services and techniques can be applied to your pets and livestock. Book a service above and mention your pet.


*If either you, or someone you know, has a serious health issue, you or they should consult their own doctor and/or other appropriate professional medical practitioner, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care programme. Your participation in working with Energetic Healing Within is of your own free will.

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